Self Care for Autumn

Self Care for Autumn

Autumn – the best month for reading? The weather is cooling down and we’re feeling like snuggling up under a blanket with a cup of tea and a great romance read. We hope you feel the same! Here’s the best ways to enjoy the new season.

Sure, we drink tea all year round. But a hot cuppa on an even hotter day doesn’t go down as well as when the weather is getting cold. Make sure you’re well stocked on all your favourites, and maybe try some new ones!



Book? Check. Blanket? Check. Appropriately head-moulding pillow that will support my neck while I probably read this whole thing in one sitting? Check. Get your night-in-reading essentials ready everyone!



Summer dresses out, cute knits in. That temperature change is coming and you might need to work out where all your jumpers are. It’s always nice to plan ahead by looking through your wardrobe, working out what can go away for a little while (bathers are at the top of our list!), and what is going to become a staple once again! And if you feel like you’re missing something, why not treat yourself to a new purchase.



Crunchy autumn leaves aren’t just for kids. The streets start to look so beautiful this time of year – it’s enough to put us in a romantic mood! Take pleasure out of your environment and enjoy the red, orange and gold!



Long hot summer days can feel a bit lethargic – suddenly it’s 6pm and all you’ve done is sleep by the pool! But with the cooler Autumn weather, and nature for inspiration, why not get the creative juices flowing. Have a go at drawing or watercolours. Make a photo book with your best snaps from summer. Try an outrageous soup recipe. Or even make a plan for your own little side hustle! Apparently your brain works better in cooler conditions, so work it girl!


We hope you enjoy these suggestions and have a beautiful season. If you have any amazing tips for us, let us know!