Why Romance?

Why Romance?

The New Romantics book box is all about romance books, romance readers, romance authors, and the best ways to pamper and relax while enjoying a great romantic story.

But why did we choose romance?

We were inspired by the amazing romance community to create a product just for them. Although there are romance book boxes overseas, Australians were missing out (or paying a lot for shipping!). And the amazing local romance writers were often getting overlooked by international companies. So, having spoken with lots of romance writers and even more romance readers, The New Romantics book box was born.

We love romance and all the people involved in it. Here’s some of the reasons we think it’s so special.



Have you been to a romance book event? Are you part of the romance reading online community, on blogs, forums, and social media? Romance readers are so lovely: always encouraging, always loving, always excited about new books! We don’t all have the same tastes and we’re not all going to agree on everything, but romance readers are always kind and respectful of each other.



Lining up at 6am in a Sydney alleyway to be the first in a room to meet their favourite writers? Yep, romance readers do it. And some even do it without coffee.

The general public may not know the names of some of these romance authors, but to their fans, they’re celebrities. It’s amazing to see so many people bringing hundreds of books to be signed at an event, or waiting ages for a photo with their favourite author. And you know they’re going to be out there supporting authors by reviewing, recommending, and sharing on their socials too. Romance readers are committed to their favourite authors and to the genre of romance as a whole – according to a study commissioned by the Romance Writers of America (2017), 35% of book buyers have been reading romance for 20 years or more.



All the romance writers I’ve met love giving time to their fans, whether it be replying to their comments online, posing for selfies at events, or going on book tours around the country and the world to see as many romance readers as possible. Never be shy about approaching a romance author – we promise you they will be nice!



It’s no secret that romance is a genre dominated by women. Sure, there’s some romance writers who are men, and men account for 18% of romance readers (according to the Romance Writers of America 2017 study). But overall, this is a genre written by women, for women, and about women. Especially in recent years, romance has become about women making their own choices and way in the world – and still getting the great guy at the end!

Romance is about what women want, and is typically told in their voice. Seeing women triumph on the page by getting their own happy ending is incredibly inspiring and uplifting, and as more different and diverse characters and authors start to inhabit the romance world, this will spread to more and more people. Go girls!



It’s no coincidence that the genre with some of the best description of beautiful people, places and things also has some of the best covers! And readers who seriously know their way around a book-themed photo shoot. Flowers and fairy lights, perfect flay-lays – we’re constantly in awe of the creativity displayed by fans of romance books!



There’s power in a happily ever after. When you struggle, stress and suffer along with a character, you feel an immense sense of relief and happiness when, in the end, things work out well. It reminds us that we can overcome obstacles, can fight against adversity, and can find our own perfect man (or woman!). No matter what is going on in your own life, you can always escape into a great romance read and be carried away into another world.