Willow – our seasonal romance book box

This box is perfect for those that read multiple genres and want a hint of romance throughout the year. Also good for people to gift to family and friends.

When do the boxes get sent?

Boxes will be sent with the start of the season – for subscription

Winter – Boxes will be sent between 1st & 5th June

Spring – Boxes will be sent between 1st & 5th September

Summer – Boxes will be sent between 1st & 5th December

Autumn– Boxes will be sent between 1st & 5th March

One off purchase boxes will be sent between the 1st & 5th of the following month from purchase for the season we are on.

What’s in the box?

Book Box – A Romance themed book box, store anything inside them and display them on your bookshelf

*Design changes for each season

A New Romance Read – Lose yourseld in a romance novel form some of the best authors in Australia and overseas

Beauty and Self Care Products – Make reading an indulgent experience with beautiful products to pamper and relax

Bookish Gifts – Treat your inner bookworm with book swag and book themed treats

Seasonal themed items.

Winter – Fluffy Socks or Slippers

Spring – Aroma Products

Summer – Beach themed products

Autumn – Tea/Coffee and candles